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Street Without A Name (SWAN) is an organization of concerned volunteers which sponsors collective and collaborative arts projects at the Dome Village and at other locations.

SWAN's mission aims to have a positive effect on the problems of homelessness, the environment, and urban areas through highly visible projects.

Homeless people and youth are engaged in aesthetic projects with the help of volunteer artists and others. 

Founded by Ronda Flanzbaum in 1992, SWAN has sponsored programs at the Dome Village, Emergency cold/hot weather shelter, Skid row, Helen Keller park and other sites. 

Projects have included a mosaic fountain, signs, tables, benches, murals, collages, animations, sculptures, artistic skating teams, documentaries, holiday crafts, banners, bookmaking, etc. 

Additionly, SWAN aims to provide economic opportunity for individuals and sponsors programs where individuals can earn income through cottage industry arts & crafts programs. 

Over the years, SWAN has engaged hundreds of volunteers to participate in its various activities and projects. A few outstanding volunteers and partnering organizations have included: June Edmonds and the California African American Museum, Dimitri Kadiev, Bruce Royer, Kathrine Ng, Brantley, Lucy & Miles and many, many more.


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